Product review


Fluorine lined flange butterfly valve D341F46 product features:

1. The valve adopts double eccentric structure, which has the sealing function of tighter and tighter closure and reliable sealing performance.

2. Sealing accessory material is made of stainless steel and oil-resistant rubber with long service life.

3. Tetrafluoride seals can be located on the valve body or on the butterfly plate. They can be used in different media for users to choose.

4. The butterfly plate adopts frame structure with high strength, large overflow area and small flow resistance.

5. The integral paint can effectively prevent rust and can be used in different media as long as the sealing material of the sealing seat is changed.

6. The valve has two-way sealing function. It can be installed in any direction without the control of medium flow direction or the influence of space position.

7. The valve has unique structure, flexible operation, labor saving and convenience.


Product overview and working principle of fluorine-lined flange butterfly valve D341F46:

Fluorine-lined flange butterfly valve is lined with PTFE in the valve and on the valve plate to isolate the medium from the valve body and achieve anti-corrosion effect. Fluorine-lined butterfly valves are suitable for water supply and drainage, gas pipeline for regulating flow and intercepting medium, such as food, medicine, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, textile and paper-making, etc. at temperatures less than 120 C and nominal pressure less than 1.6 MPa. Fluorine-lined butterfly valve can replace stainless steel body under normal conditions, and has higher cost performance. The butterfly plate of the fluorine-lined butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipeline. In the cylindrical passage of the butterfly valve body, the disc butterfly plate rotates around the axis, and the rotation angle is between 0 ~90. When the rotation angle is between 0 ~90, the valve is fully open. Fluorine-lined butterfly valves can meet the needs of many special fields such as strong acid and alkali corrosive environment, petroleum, chemical industry, food and so on. They can be used for the transportation of liquids and gases (including vapors) in various types of industrial pipelines, especially for the use of severely corrosive media, such as sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkali. Strong corrosive media such as Aqua regia.


Dimension and weight of D341F46 fluorine-lined flange butterfly valve:

Nominal diameterStandard valuereference value
4011/2106145110853184-Φ18160 14010
5021081601251003204-Φ18200 16012
6511/21121801451203204-Φ18250 16514
8031141951601353224-Φ18250 17016
10041272151801553228-Φ18300 18018
12551402452101853248-Φ18300 27520
15061402802402103248-Φ23 20029538
20081523352952653268-Φ23 20032074
2501025039035032032812-Φ23 240385105
3001227044040036832812-Φ23 240390142
3501429050046042843016-Φ23 240460179
4001631056551548243216-Φ25 280510220
4501833061556553243220-Φ25 280540268
5002035038062058543420-Φ25 320570378
6002439078072568543620-Φ30 320660608
7002843089584080054024-Φ30 3607101050
80032470101095090554424-Φ34 3607801320
9003651011101050100554628-Φ34 3808851795
10004055012201160111555028-Φ34 4009901900